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Fishbowl Solutions Releases Version 2.0 of their Microsoft SharePoint Connector for Oracle WebCenter Content

New Version Enhances Control and Management of SharePoint Content and Associated Metadata within Oracle WebCenter


News Facts

● Fishbowl Solutions, an Oracle WebCenter Content and Portal Specialized Partner, has released Version 2.0 of their Microsoft SharePoint Connector for Oracle WebCenter Content. This version provides more flexible configuration capabilities and enhanced features to enable organizations to selectively store and manage content existing in SharePoint within Oracle WebCenter Content.

● Fishbowl’s SharePoint Connector is the only out-of-the-box, Oracle “Validated Integration” solution between Microsoft SharePoint and Oracle WebCenter Content. The connector was developed using Microsoft’s own API (application program interface) for building third-party storage connectors.

● Fishbowl’s connector works by intercepting BLOB (binary large object) file stream requests, which occur during any save or open request from SharePoint, and redirects these calls to Oracle WebCenter Content instead of Microsoft SQL Server. The SharePoint client is unaffected by this redirection and content will appear to the user as residing ‘inside’ SharePoint.

● Organizations that utilize the connector will have an effective method to consolidate content existing across SharePoint sites within Oracle WebCenter Content. The advantages this consolidation provides include reducing the costs associated with BLOB storage in SQL Server, eliminating the risks associated with orphaned SharePoint sites and content, as well as the ability to surface SharePoint content across other Oracle business systems and applications such as WebCenter Portal and PeopleSoft.

● Fishbowl’s SharePoint Connector Version 2.0 supports Oracle WebCenter Content 10g and 11g and SharePoint 2010 and is licensed per SharePoint server. Additional features of the connector include:

    ○ Configuration Inheritance – enables expedited connector configuration by providing the ability to inherit settings from SharePoint Central Admin down to Site Collections, Sites and Folders

    ○ Primary Storage Icons – exposes icons and text cues to SharePoint and Oracle WebCenter Content users that indicate storage location

    ○ Version Management – provides configurable version management options, including storing major and minor versions, only major versions, or selective versions

    ○ Add Content from WebCenter – search and select WebCenter Content items to be added into SharePoint for collaboration

Supporting Quotes

    • “We successfully implemented Fishbowl’s SharePoint Connector Beta Version 2.0 for Oracle WebCenter Content, and we have found that it is an effective tool to help manage content existing throughout our SharePoint environments,” said Mark Zawadzki, software developer at Benderson Development. “The connector will further enable us to leverage SharePoint for collaboration and Oracle WebCenter for content management, while helping us consolidate high-value information within one system of record.”

    • “Fishbowl Solutions is very proud to announce the release of SharePoint Connector Version 2.0 for Oracle WebCenter Content,” said Tim Gruidl, president of Fishbowl Solutions. “This newest release helps satisfy the use case requirements of organizations with both SharePoint and Oracle WebCenter Content, including the management of large SharePoint content volumes, sharing critical information from SharePoint across applications, and meeting compliancy standards for retention management. Overall, the connector ensures that organizations can continue to leverage and benefit from the strong collaboration features of SharePoint with the powerful enterprise content management capabilities provided by Oracle WebCenter Content.”

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Fishbowl Solutions is an Oracle Gold Partner, founded in 1999, and focused on Oracle WebCenter products. An officially certified Oracle WebCenter Specialized Partner, Fishbowl Solutions is dedicated to helping organizations solve complex information problems involving portal, content, imaging, and document management, and is a recognized leader and innovator within the Oracle partner community.


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