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View of all of Fishbowl's past webinars on our YouTube page.

Consistent, Expert-Level Technical Support for Oracle WebCenter | June 12, 2014

Is poor WebCenter technical support causing issues within your organization? Fishbowl's support offerings can help you increase uptime, improve SR issue resolution, and ensure overall user satisfaction.

Highlights from this webinar:

  • Reasons Fishbowl Solutions is best positioned to be your single point of contact for WebCenter tech support
  • Support services Fishbowl offers and what each includes
  • Benefits an Oracle WebCenter Content customer, Cascade Corporation, has already realized with Fishbowl

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A Framework Approach to Building an Oracle WebCenter Intranet, Extranet, or Portal | June 30, 2014

If you already have or are planning to build an Oracle WebCenter-based intranet, extranet, or customer portal, its overall success hinges on its time to market, ability to scale, and the presence of user productivity tools. Fishbowl's Portal Solution Accelerator (PSA) reduces risks and simplifies the WebCenter adoption process.

Highlights from this webinar:

  • Details of PSA's extensible framework, which bundles reusable templates and page layouts, standards-based portlets, and in-place security administration
  • How IT managers/directors can use the PSA framework to accelerate deployment and launch a project without extensive coding or Oracle ADF knowledge
  • How marketing, communication, and HR specialists can use PSA's user productivity tools to create, personalize, and deliver content
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Find What You Need Fast with the Google Search Appliance Connector | April 24, 2014

As users are asked to work with an increasing number of systems on a given day, enterprise search is more valuable than ever. The Google Search Appliance (GSA) provides Google's sophisticated search capabilities for your enterprise data. Fishbowl has developed several tools designed to help businesses implement the GSA, including the GSA Connector for Oracle WebCenter.

Highlights from this webinar:

  • Overview of the GSA as well as the GSA Connector for Oracle WebCenter
  • Details on the GSA Connector's indexing capabilities, which allows users to find what they need when they
  • Testimony from Hitachi Data Systems on how the products helped create a robust corporate resource library

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SharePoint and Oracle WebCenter: The Benefits of an Integrated Content Management System | November 21, 2013

There are numerous business benefits of storing and managing content created in SharePoint within Oracle WebCenter Content. Fishbowl's SharePoint Connector can help ensure compliance, reduce storage costs, and improve content accessibility, and solves specific content management problems that businesses have encountered with SharePoint.

Highlights from this webinar:

  • Business benefits of storing and managing content in Oracle WebCenter
  • Use cases for Fishbowl's and Oracle's integration with SharePoint
  • How to decide which integration option is best for you and your organization
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Fishbowl's Packaged Tools for WebCenter Automation | September 5, 2013

Fishbowl's Oracle WebCenter Administrator Suite combines user-friendly and web-based administrative and reporting tools for WebCenter administrators, and features our most popular administrative components. This webinar explains how Admin Suite offers customers the most value for task automation and how it helps simplify and streamline tasks such as identity management, workflow creation, user and system messaging, and batch loading content.

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Accelerate Content Access and Updates with Subscription Notifier for Oracle WebCenter | August 22, 2013

Oftentimes, the simplest tools are the most powerful. Fishbowl's Subscription Notifer is a minimal investment that can make a huge difference in the performance of your company's WebCenter system.

Use cases this webinar highlights:

  • Contract management: get ahead of renewals with scheduled notifications
  • Sales enablement: alert your sales force when new marketing assets become available
  • Web content management: ensure proactive content updates of public facing web content
  • Policy and procedure management: trigger workflows to update or archive critical documents
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