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Fishbowl Solutions Announces Baseline Promote™

Simplify the Collection of Disparate Objects for a Common Promotion in PTC® Windchill®

Minneapolis—June 17, 2010—Fishbowl Solutions, Inc., a software, services and consulting company delivering solutions for the PTC® Product Development System (PDS), has released Baseline Promote, an out-of-the-box solution for PTC Windchill PDMLink® and Pro/INTRALINK®.

Fishbowl’s Baseline Promote brings similar functionality found in Pro/INTRALINK 3.4 to Windchill 9.X and Windchill PDMLink. Using Baseline Promote, the user simply begins by creating a new or modifying an existing baseline using the baseline collection utility. Once a baseline is created the user can go to the baseline details page where Baseline Promote adds a “Promote” option in the “Actions” menu. When “Promote” is selected the “New Promotion Form” wizard will open, and the promotion form will populate with all the items that belong to the associated baseline. With Baseline Promote, users can quickly and efficiently gather and promote disparate objects onto a single promotion form.

For more information on Baseline Promote visit Fishbowl Solutions’ website at www.fishbowlsolutions.com or contact mcadsales@fishbowlsolutions.com.

About Fishbowl Solutions

Fishbowl Solutions (www.fishbowlsolutions.com), founded in 1999, is differentiated by its unparalleled industry and technology expertise, its solid reputation for on-time delivery, its value-added results and its clear-thinking, accountable and knowledgeable people. Fishbowl Solutions’ areas of expertise include: PTC’s Pro/INTRALINK®, Pro/ENGINEER®, Pro/TOOLKIT®, and Windchill® PDMLink® software solutions, as well as being a Gold Level member of the PTC PartnerAdvantage™ Program.

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