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Fishbowl Solutions SharePoint Connector for Oracle WebCenter Version 1.0 Achieves Oracle Validated Integration

Enables content uploaded to Microsoft SharePoint to be stored and accessed from Oracle WebCenter for improved governance and scalability


News Facts

● Fishbowl Solutions, an Oracle WebCenter Specialized Gold level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), today announced it has achieved Oracle Validated Integration of their SharePoint Connector for Oracle WebCenter Version 1.0. Fishbowl’s SharePoint Connector for Oracle WebCenter integrates Microsoft SharePoint with Oracle WebCenter by enabling organizations to centrally store and manage business critical content in a central content repository in Oracle WebCenter instead of disparate and ungoverned SharePoint sites.

● To achieve Oracle Validated Integration, Oracle partners are required to meet a stringent set of requirements that are based on the needs and priorities of customers. Fishbowl’s SharePoint Connector for Oracle WebCenter addresses the challenges organizations face using both systems by balancing users need for easy and intuitive collaboration, with IT’s strategy to utilize and maintain one repository for all enterprise content.

● The connector maintains the SharePoint user experience, but any content that is added, edited or saved to a new or existing SharePoint site is automatically stored in a central content repository within Oracle WebCenter instead of disparate Microsoft SQL Servers. Organizations benefit by being able to provide users with familiar systems like SharePoint for work-in-progress collaboration, while increasing enterprise content control, governance, and scalability through Oracle WebCenter.

    • The SharePoint Connector for Oracle WebCenter is available directly from Fishbowl Solutions and is licensed per SharePoint server. Features provided by the connector include:

    o Ability to map SharePoint metadata to metadata within Oracle’s WebCenter enterprise content management solution.

    o Fully configurable per SharePoint document library.

    o Select documents to be stored in Oracle WebCenter’s enterprise content management repository by library, folder location, file size or extension.

    • Fishbowl originally achieved this Oracle Validated Integration with Oracle Enterprise Content Management 11g, which has been rebranded and is now part of Oracle WebCenter.

Supporting Quotes

    • “The reality is most organizations have multiple content repositories, which causes duplication of effort, ineffective knowledge sharing, and inefficient processes”, said Tim Gruidl, President of Fishbowl Solutions. “Fishbowl’s SharePoint Connector for Oracle WebCenter eliminates these issues for organizations with both systems by enabling them to continue to provide their users with popular collaboration systems like SharePoint, while simultaneously leveraging Oracle WebCenter’s enterprise content management solution to enhance control, management and security of the data and content resulting from that collaboration.”

    • “The Oracle Validated Integration applies a rigorous technical review and test process,” said Andy MacMillan, vice president, Product Management, Oracle. “Achieving Oracle Validated Integration through Oracle PartnerNetwork gives our customers confidence that Fishbowl’s SharePoint Connector for Oracle WebCenter has been validated, and works as designed. This helps to reduce risk and improve implementation cycles for our joint customers.”

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About Oracle Validated Integration
Oracle Validated Integration through the Oracle PartnerNetwork gives customers confidence that the integration of complementary partner software products with Oracle Applications and Oracle Technology (including Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle WebCenter, and Oracle Identity Management) have been validated and the products work together as designed. This can help reduce risk, improve system implementation cycles, and provide for smoother upgrades and simpler maintenance. Oracle Validated Integration applies a rigorous technical process to review the integrations of third-party software to Oracle Applications and Technology products, including productized repeatable integrations from system integrators. Oracle provides access to Oracle Applications and Technology software, tools, technical resources and training to assist partners in developing integrations based on Oracle standards and best practices. Partners who have successfully validated their integrations are authorized to use the “Oracle Validated Integration” logo. For more information, please visit Oracle.com at

About Oracle PartnerNetwork
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About Fishbowl Solutions
Fishbowl Solutions was founded in 1999. Their areas of expertise include: Enterprise Content Management with Oracle WebCenter and PTC’s Product Development System (PDS). Fishbowl Solutions is an OPN Specialized partner in Oracle WebCenter with an outstanding reputation of working with the Oracle WebCenter product suite, specializing in content management.

Fishbowl Solutions provides a competitive advantage in the market due to its own suite of add-on software solutions that work with the Oracle WebCenter and PTC PDS to enhance their functionality and help customers do more with the resources and systems they have.


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