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Fishbowl Solutions Releases Version 2.5 of their Google Search Appliance Connector for Oracle WebCenter Content

New Release Includes Dynamic Navigation, Enhanced Relevancy Options, and Support for Google Search Appliance 7.0


News Facts

Fishbowl Solutions, an Oracle WebCenter Content and Portal Specialized Gold Partner and a Google Enterprise Partner, has announced the release of their Google Search Appliance (GSA) Connector Version 2.5 for Oracle WebCenter Content. This release adds support for Google Search Appliance 7.0 released by Google on October 16th, and provides more search features to Oracle WebCenter users.

Highlights of this release include support for additional GSA features including:

    Dynamic Navigation – Attribute-based navigation allows users to filter results by metadata values

    Key Match Results – Associates a keyword with a particular result, to feature content or direct users to especially relevant items

    Dynamic Result Clusters – Automatically generated search suggestions provide alternate search terms to users

    Related Queries – Additional query suggestions set up for particular keywords

    OneBox Results – Real-time access to external systems through custom search modules

    These features are exposed through both the ready-to-use Oracle WebCenter Google Search page and the Fishbowl Google Search API.

Fishbowl’s connector also includes added configuration flexibility for assigning the Google Title on Microsoft Office documents and Oracle Site Studio pages. This enables customers to improve result relevancy and take better advantage of the Google search algorithm by leveraging Google’s intrinsic title weighting.

Version 2.5 introduces support for the Google /click protocol exposing Google’s Self-learning Scorer to automatically analyze user click-patterns and fine tune relevance.

In conjunction with releasing version 2.5 of the GSA Connector, Fishbowl customers can try out the Google Search functionality on Fishbowl’s public website.

Fishbowl’s Google Search Appliance Connector supports Oracle WebCenter Content 10g and 11g. Additional features of the Connector include:

    ● Search multiple repositories from the Oracle WebCenter Google Search page including content from SharePoint, file systems, and public websites

    ● Return both public and secure content results based on user credentials

    ● Expose Google search features such as type ahead, spelling suggestions, and synonyms

    ● Support for Google Search Appliance software versions 6.12 to 7.0

The GSA Connector Version 2.5 for Oracle WebCenter is licensed per Oracle Content Server and is available directly from Fishbowl Solutions.

Supporting Quotes

    “Version 2.5 of Fishbowl’s GSA Connector better exposes the power of Google within Oracle WebCenter Content,” said Tim Gruidl, president of Fishbowl Solutions. “Organizations using the Connector will realize clear and immediate benfits by avoiding the cost of developing custom search components, while improving enterprise information discovery through better relevancy and new search experience capabilities."

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Fishbowl Solutions Google Search Appliance Connector for Oracle WebCenter Content

About Fishbowl Solutions

Fishbowl Solutions was founded in 1999. Their areas of expertise include: Oracle WebCenter Content and Portal as well as PTC’s Product Development System (PDS). Fishbowl Solutions is an officially certified Oracle WebCenter Specialized Partner with an outstanding reputation of working with the Oracle (formerly Stellent) WebCenter product suite, specializing in content management, and has become an industry leader in software and consulting.

Fishbowl Solutions provides a competitive advantage in the market due to its own suite of add-on software solutions that work with Oracle WebCenter Content and Portal and PTC PDS to enhance their functionality and help customers do more with the resources and systems they have.


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