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Fishbowl's Oracle UCM Events

Do More With Oracle UCM

We participate in Oracle-sponsored events and we hold our own UCM learning events. We are dedicated to helping you make your UCM system more powerful. During our events we demonstrate real-world customer successes using our own add-on solutions for UCM.

Our Solutions Deliver:

  • Increased User Adoption
  • Easier IT Administration
  • Improved System Performance

We have helped many companies fill in the gaps in UCM functionality and look forward to helping you do more with UCM.

Our Upcoming Events Include:

Please check back for the date and time of our upcoming Bootcamp and Webinar.

Archived Events:

Enterprise Information Management Webinar: The Keys to EIM Success and Savings
Industry trends and experts are all pointing to Enterprise Information Management as the key consideration for evolving organizations.

  • key information management considerations for 2010
  • achieve web content management (WCM) success
  • automate your contract management process to save money

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Feb. 2010 Enterprise Information Management Bootcamp

Sept. 2009 Webinar Series

Security in Oracle UCM: Single Sign-on and LDAP/AD Integration
Advanced User Security Mapping
Learn how one company leveraged User Attributes to automatically create Accounts in Oracle UCM.

Process Automation: Automating Content Review Subscription Notifier

Learn how Hennepin County Medical Center automated their contract review process to save  money.

Lightweight Collaboration Built on Oracle UCM
Introducing Fishbowl's CollabPoint: Oracle UCM, Evolved.


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