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Portal Solution Accelerator for Oracle WebCenter Content

Computer, tablet, and phone with Portal Solution AcceleratorLaunch an Intranet Built on WebCenter Portal in Less than 60 Days!

Fishbowl Solutions’ Portal Solution Accelerator, formerly known as Intranet in a Box, is a packaged set of products and services that together provide a framework to design, build and deploy visually rich and relevant intranet sites. This framework makes it easy for users to contribute content, ensures personalized experiences, and lays the foundation for widespread intranet adoption and use.

Why Portal Solution Accelerator?

  • User-defined mega-menu structure allows navigational changes and content updates without IT involvement enabling increased information sharing across business units.
  • Mulitfaceted personalization ensures employees see the information most relevant to them; personalization is configurable by Employer, Type, Role, and Location.
  • Easy to package and redeploy to various business units or as multiple micro-sites
  • Lowers ongoing cost of overall Intranet maintenance and administration by providing reusable framework that incorporates familiar design pattern and deployment process
  • Further Maximize Oracle Software Investments
  • Utilizes features from Oracle WebCenter Content and WebCenter Portal. This enables organizations using both products to leverage the inherent capabilities of each within corporate intranets, while ensuring integrations with other Oracle applications and supporting technologies.

The Fishbowl Portal Solution Accelerator is a content-driven site developed on top of the Oracle WebCenter platform to more easily integrate enterprise collaboration functionality and to leverage Oracle WebCenter Content as the web content management system. The navigation and structure of the site are controlled by content entered by contributors in Oracle WebCenter Content.

Timeline of launch: Days 1-3: Analysis and scoping. Technology audit; discuss requirements. Days 3-5: Branding and design. Creative discussion; in-house or Fishbowl. Days 5-7: Framework development. Code and architecture development. Days 7-10: UI Integration. Integrate corporate branding and design. Days 10-45: Installation, configuration, and testing. Install content and portal bundles; load testing. Days 45-60: Launch a live site.

Portal Solution Accelerator Framework
Portal Solution Accelerator is a site framework for accomplishing multi-site roll out on a rapid timetable using Oracle WebCenter Portal and Content. This is accomplished by enhancing, creating, and leveraging several areas within the various products in the Fusion Middleware stack. Fishbowl uses a content and metadata driven approach to structure and build the site and its navigation. This is done with WebCenter Content add on components. Fishbowl also uses its own custom Portlets for communication and consumption of content within the WebCenter Portal environment. Reusable taskflows and supporting server side java bean code provide the ability to create custom and extensive site templates and skins with minimal effort. 


Portal Solution Accelerator Architecture

WebCenter Spaces: The rendering engine used for the Portal Solution Accelerator is Oracle WebCenter Spaces - part of the WebCenter Portal product. Spaces is an out-of-the-box reference implementation for a portal built on the WebCenter Framework - a J2EE based portal framework developed by Oracle. Within the Spaces application you get the concept of a “Space”. A space is simply a container for a set of pages and services that are related in some way. Examples are a Team Space, Document Exchange Space, Project Space, or a blank Portal Site space for building whatever you want. Each space has its own configuration and administration and functions much like a “mini site” within the larger Spaces application itself. The Fishbowl Portal Solution Accelerator framework is implemented as a single space within the WebCenter Spaces environment. The space leverages a custom developed template and skin to provide look and feel for the site.

WebCenter Content: The content management system that feeds the site is Oracle WebCenter Content, formerly known as UCM or the Content Server. The content for the site is entered into WebCenter Content through specific content profiles. These profiles drive both site structure and navigation, as well as determining where a piece of content will show up and how it will be displayed by the site. A custom WebCenter Content component is also leveraged to provide UI enhancements to make contribution easier for business users and support a decentralized contribution model.

Portal Solution Accelerator screenshotContribution & Site Content

All contribution for the site is handled in WebCenter Content (UCM) by checking a content item in to one of the included profiles. The rendering on the WebCenter front-end uses these profiles and their associated metadata values entered by the user to render the site content and navigation. Profiles include categories, sub-categories, topic pages, articles, contacts, images, and landing page assets.

Fishbowl Portal Integration Suite (Fishbowl Portlets)

The Fishbowl Portal Integration Suite provides JSR-286 portlets for interfacing with WebCenter Content (UCM). They are split into two portlets based on requirement and functional need based on implementation experience with requirements and commonly requested features.

Snippet Portlet
Portlet used for displaying a single content item. The basic configuration takes a specified content item and renders in place. More advanced configurations can take metadata and have content wrappers for displaying content. Personalization can be added to these portlets for multi-language support or other business requirements. Another function of the snippet portlet is the “Replaceable” function. This allows the portlet to be used in a similar manner as Site Studio Secondary pages, in where the page organization and layout remain static, but content renders differently based on an ID passed into the page.

Search Portlet
The search portlet, or list portlet, is used for rendering multiple pieces of content returned by a predefined or rule based search query. The search query runs against the content server, returning content, and can be as straight forward as returning all HR doc types, or dynamic adding in the current date to always get timely content items. Fishbowl Portlets use a JSP template system where the configuration of the portlet determines how the content gets rendered by selecting from a list of search portlet templates. These templates are JSP pages developed for customers or a use case to leverage common functions for display within the portal. Another feature are these templates are stored and managed within UCM allowing real time editing of the templates without modify the portal.


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