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Corporations are realizing that they must utilize the knowledge of their employees in order to create a competitive advantage. When this knowledge is stuck in "silos", or there is no easy method to share the assets, companies suffer. The good news is Enterprise 2.0 and the Oracle Content Management platform can help organizations unleash the knowledge of their employees, resulting in increased productivity, innovation, and agility.

Introducing CollabPoint. Oracle UCM, EVOLVED.

CollabPoint delivers a clean, simple interface for Oracle UCM, empowering users to create their own collaborative workspaces and build their own context for content, making Oracle UCM work for them. According to David Roe of CMS Wire:
"The principal advantage the CollabPoint offers is that it enables contextual exchanges of information in real time. Users can access information from different sources and geographical[ly] diverse locations to provide collective intelligence across an enterprise."

 CollabPoint Interface

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CollabPoint Product Specifications

CollabPoint evolves Oracle UCM through:

Empowered End Users
With CollabPoint end users can take charge of their own environments. Users can build their own context around content and create collaborative workspaces to organize content in a way that works for them. Users can easily communicate and share their knowledge and ideas with others through features like blogs, wikis, and discussion threads; all with little involvement from IT. Common activities like check-in, workflow, and metadata are presented in a greatly simplified manner through a secure and intuitive interface.

Improved Productivity
CollabPoint leverages the powerful Oracle UCM platform, allowing companies to use their investment to address the collaboration challenge. Built-in security, robust searching, content revision and lifecycle management, and a powerful workflow engine are just some of the added benefits available when building this solution on Oracle. No more decisions about what to do with abandoned content sites. No need to think about a process to move content. No more dual repositories to manage, patch, and update. Content is always available. Always visible. Always secure. 

Connected E2.0 Components
CollabPoint is built on Enterprise 2.0 (E2.0) technologies. E2.0 enables a dramatic culture shift within organizations where employees, partners and even customers volunteer and exchange knowledge and information. Where companies have relied on email and meetings, E2.0 technologies allow contextual exchanges of information in real-time. Employees now access information from various sources and distributed teams to provide a collective intelligence. This access to content allows organizations to gain a competitive advantage.

    • Easy workspace creation
    • Knowledge-sharing
    • Simple, clean, intuitive interface
    • Collaboration across teams
    • Content WITH context
    • Single, robust, repository
    • End users have control
    • Leverage E2.0 to gain competitive advantage
    • Blogs, wikis, and discussion threads
    • Less dependency on IT


CollabPoint Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I use my company logo and color scheme?

Yes. The interface is designed to be extensible using CSS which will allow you to change the color scheme to match your corporate standards and use your own logo.

2) Do you need an admin role to access the data? Are there any security roles applied?

We leverage the security built into Content Server to determine which users can see and modify content.  Workspaces are just pieces of content and have security tied to them as well.  When you create a workspace you choose the security group and account for that workspace.  If a user has read access to that security group and account combination, they can see the workspace.  The individual documents in a workspace also leverage the security capabilities of UCM and can either have the same security as the workspace or be completely different.

3) Are there any extra tools available for collaboration on documents, like a way to use ACL’s on an ad-hoc basis?

We leverage the underlying security capabilities of UCM in CollabPoint.  If you have Access Control Lists (ACLs) implemented with UCM, you can use those within CollabPoint.  However, we do not currently provide an interface to update those ACLs directly within the CollabPoint interface.

4) How do I assign/define metadata definitions for different document types, or is that something that has to be done after check-in?

Metadata is configured at the widget level.  Any default metadata will be inherited from the widget's configuration which can vary for each widget on a workspace.  Additionally, you can update the metadata later through the CollabPoint interface or modify the simplified check in screen through a customization.

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