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Duplicate File Checker™ for Oracle WebCenter Content

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Feature Summary
Administrator Features
  • Report page to identify and manage duplicate files
  • Extend report access to sub-administrators based on role
  • Limit duplicate report results based on search criteria
  • Configurable report columns to show and hide metadata values for duplicate items
  • Delete one or multiple files directly from the report page
  • Download report results to Microsoft Excel
  • Configurable similar match criteria and weighting 
End-User Features
  • Search for duplicate content on check in, including similar match items
  • Check in similar or as a new revision of an exact or near-match document
  • Perform searches to locate similar and exact file matches for existing content items
Supported Environments
  • Oracle WebCenter Content 10g, 11g

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Detect existing duplicates and prevent duplicate documents from entering Oracle WebCenter Content with Fishbowl's Duplicate File Checker!

Duplicate File Checker quote

Oracle WebCenter customers often suspect they have duplicates but lack an objective means for identifying and addressing duplicate files. Not only do duplicates take up excess disc space, they also lead to end user frustration. When multiple copies exist, users don't know which version is the single source of truth. This can lead to loss of data integrity and compliance, especially when only one copy is updated and leaves behind an outdated version. With Fishbowl's Duplicate File Checker for Oracle WebCenter Content you can get rid of duplicate content within the Content Server.

Duplicate File Checker provides administrators with criteria-based reporting capabilities to manage duplicate files in their repository. In addition, end users are provided with information about duplicate files during the check-in process to prevent new duplicates from entering the system. These results include both exact checksum copies as well as similar file matches. Removing duplicates from your repository can reduce storage costs and increase the data integrity of your Oracle WebCenter Content system!

Duplicate File Checker Screenshot
Duplicate File Checker Screenshot 

How many duplicates are in your system?
Download our free Duplicate File Report component and find out. 
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Free Duplicate File Report Component

Duplicate File Report™
Product Features
Processes all revisions in the Content Server to check for duplicates
Displays the total number of duplicate files
Displays the total filesystem space occupied by duplicate files
Allows the report generation process to be stopped and resumed as needed
Supported on Oracle WebCenter Content (UCM) 10g & 11g

About Duplicate File Report

Many Oracle WebCenter customers suspect they have duplicate files, but lack an objective means for evaluating the quality of duplicates in the Content Server. Fishbowl Solutions' Duplicate File Report offers customers a tool for evaluating the amount of duplicate content in their system. The component provides data on both the number of duplicate files within the Content Server and the amount of disc space occupied by those duplicates.

How it Works

The Duplicate File Report component retrieves each file in the Content Server, generates a checksum, and stores the checksum in a custom database table which is automatically created by the component. The component will process every revision of each content item stored in the Content Server when checking for duplicates and return the report data on the Duplicate File Report page.

What Next?
Find out how many duplicates you have by downloading the Duplicate File Report component linked above and follow the instructions in the Installation and User Guide. To further address duplicate file concerns, contact Fishbowl Solutions at or 952-465-3400.


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