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Feature Summary
Index Oracle SiteStudio sites
Provides Google-like search experience in WebCenter featuring:
  • Dynamic Navigation
  • Key Match Results
  • Related Queries
  • Dynamic Result Clusters
  • Spelling Suggestions
  • Type Ahead Suggestions
  • One Box Results
  • Self-learning Scorer
  • Document Previews
  • User-Added Results
  • People Search
Support for public and secure search results using early or late binding
Configure Oracle WebCenter Content as a OneBox provider
Try It!
This website runs on Site Studio and uses the GSA Connector for Oracle WebCenter Content. Try it out by searching for "GSA Connector" or other terms in the search box above.
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Fishbowl's GSA Connector for Oracle WebCenter Content enables the Google Search Appliance to index content stored in the Oracle Content Server repository and provides a Google-like search experience to WebCenter users. This integration allows WebCenter customers to use Google’s machine-learning relevancy algorithms to search enterprise content. The Connector also allows users to take advantage of search productivity features provided by the GSA including Document Previews, Dynamic Navigation, User-Added Results, People Search, Spelling Suggestions, and Advanced Search Reporting.
Transforming the WebCenter Content Search Experience
With version 3.0 of the GSA Connector Fishbowl introduced an entirely redesigned WebCenter Content search interface. This integration brings the full Google search experience to WebCenter Content users. With the GSA and Fishbowl's Connector searching WebCenter is as easy as using Take advantage of Google's query interpretation features such as type-ahead query suggestions and synonyms - plus get Google relevance and GSA 7.0 user-experience enhancements like document previews and user-added results. Launch the gallery to preview the out-of-the-box WebCenter search interface or watch the 5-minute video to see a demonstration.

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Connector Architecture
The Fishbowl Google Search Appliance Connector for Oracle WebCenter Content uses Google’s connector framework to feed items from Oracle WebCenter Content to the Google Search Appliance for indexing. The Fishbowl Google Search Appliance Connector product includes two parts – the Google connector manager, a web application installed on a host running Apache Tomcat, and a Content Server component installed on each Content Server you wish to index. The connector is built on Google’s Connector framework which provides a mechanism for custom connectors to index various third-party systems.
Fishbowl Google Search API
Custom Content Server services are included with the GSA Connector as part of the Fishbowl Google Search API to expose GSA functionality and result sets through custom pages within the Content Sever, Site Studio websites, and WebCenter Portal. The fully-documented API supports all of the features shown in the out-of-the-box WebCenter interface including document previews, user-added results, dynamic navigation, type-ahead and more.
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