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Policies and Procedures Solution Suite™ for Oracle WebCenter Content

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Policies and Procedures Product boxInformation assets like standard operating procedures and quality documents are designed to protect your organization, keep workers safe, boost efficiency, and enhance productivity. Important policies and procedures like these help protect your business and ensure efficient execution. However, it's often hard to make sure that employees have brushed up on the way things work when you're relying on printed documents in dusty three-ring binders. When policies and procedures are this important, a more trustworthy solution is necessary.

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Fishbowl Solutions delivers measurable results with our Policies and Procedures Solution Suite. Built on the power, scalability, and stability of Oracle WebCenter Content, our ready-made solution is designed to automatically organize and group related policy and procedures documents, schedule audits and reviews, workflow and automatically escalate issues, route request forms and procedural documentation to the right people at the right time. Our simple yet powerful user experience means that employees don't have to be computer experts to find or follow a procedure, fill out and route a process form, or ensure compliance with the way you work.

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Product Specifications

Workflow Enhancement
  • Workflow reporting (days in step, responsible personnel, etc.)
  • Workflow history and audits (who signed or approved, when, etc.)
  • Procedural forms routing to impacted parties, approvers, reviewers, and signatories
Document Automation
  • Automation of metadata import from source files to Oracle WebCenter content
  • Application of Oracle WebCenter Content metadata to native source files
  • Document comparison between revisions in Oracle WebCenter Content
Policy Assembly
  • Collection of related policy documents and forms into meaningful groups
  • Forms that reference their policy document parent and collect attachments, evidence, and materially significant documents, images, and video content
  • Multi-faceted and relationship-aware interface that allows users to sort, search, and find policy documents in a way that makes the most sense for them 
  • Custom email notifications with specific review directions
  • Notifications configured to specific days based on compliance standards
  • Automatic escalation on events, timed basis, and user activity
  • Ability to trigger, update, and query external systems for automatic synchronization 
Multi-Faced Navigation, User Interface
  • Print view, export to Microsoft Excel, and web-based report configuration
  • Role-based security
  • User-specific queuing and "requires action" alerts

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Fishbowl's Policies and Procedures Solution Suite runs on top of Oracle WebCenter Content. Based on Fishbowl's proven software solutions, along with the power of WebCenter, Policies and Procedures enables business process workflows and escalations for maintaining, updating, reporting, and ensuring access by members of your organization. The package includes a simple yet powerful user interface specifically for policies and procedures interactions. This includes sections for search, links to browse for policies and procedures, a dynamically populated and user specific "Needs Review" section, a link to "Workflow in Queue", and a link to Workflow Search.

What are the benefits of using this product?
  • Increased productivity with dynamic, secured workflow
  • Automatic and triggered activity monitoring and notifications prevent forgetting important deadlines or checkpoints
  • Addendums, attachments, and associated items managed as a single packet of related content make it easier to manage a series of related documents, contacts, or images as all part of a single procedure
  • Easy to use screens for casual users  
What industries is this software designed for?
Fishbowl has successfully deployed this technology to multiple customers in the manufacturing and healthcare industries. It can work well for any industry where important policies need to be followed or managed. Examples include:
  • Contract management
  • ISO compliance helper
  • OSHA compliance helper
  • Laboratory procedures
  • Engineering and enterprise change orders
  • Construction transmittals
  • Project management
  • Capital expense requests
  • IT disaster recovery procedures
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