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SharePoint Connector for Oracle WebCenter Content

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SharePoint Connector 3.0 Product BoxFishbowl's SharePoint Connector, an Oracle Validated Integration, bridges content and data from SharePoint to Oracle WebCenter Content. The connector leverages Microsoft event receivers to determine which SharePoint content should also be stored in Oracle WebCenter Content. This means that organizations can use SharePoint as a front-end interface to transparently or selectively store documents, images, and other high-value assets within Oracle WebCenter Content where they can be repurposed and distributed through Oracle applications and other business systems. This enables organizations to use both systems and fully exploit the benefits of each, harmonizing user needs for easy and intuitive collaboration with best-in-class content management and industry-leading infrastructure.

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Feature Summary

  • Create and manage items in SharePoint and store in Oracle WebCenter for re-purposing and distribution
  • Map SharePoint columns to Oracle WebCenter Content metadata
  • Store content by file size, type, library name/description, folder type, and by individually selecting items with a checkbox
  • Hierarchical connector configuration inheritance and customization
  • Self-service configuration allows inherited settings to be overridden
  • Enhanced SharePoint and Oracle WebCenter Content user interface
  • Configurable version storage
  • Configurable option to delete or retain documents in Oracle WebCenter Content when deleted from SharePoint
  • SharePoint handles management of content
  • Provides SharePoint administrators access to items in Oracle WebCenter Content
  • Licensed per Microsoft SharePoint server; contact us about volume licensing
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