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Subscription Notifier™ for Oracle WebCenter Content

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Custom content email notifications based on any business rules.  

Subscription Notifier 4.0 product boxFishbowl’s Subscription Notifier, now in version 4.0, schedules and sends out emails to a list of Oracle WebCenter users based on scheduled queries. This value-add solution enables administrators and advanced users to create subscriptions for tracking and managing business content, which saves valuable time and resources!

Subscription Notifier Version 4.0 includes multiple new features, such as:

  • Ability to attach native or web-viewable files to notification emails
  • Ability to send notification emails from each content item
  • Subscriptions can run without sending email notifications
  • Hourly notification options

"Creatively used, Subscription Notifier will revolutionize the way we manage content in [Oracle WebCenter Content]". - Mike Makofske, The L.A. Times 

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Subscription Notifier Product Specifications

Subscription Notifier is the only out-of-the-box solution that allows you to:

  • Track content by any business rule – not just expiration date
  • Easily build complex content queries with no iDoc scripting
  • Create granular notification schedules for user notification
  • Automatically email users and/or aliases when content needs review, has been updated, had a new revision checked in, or is ready to expire
  • Attach native or web-viewable files to notification emails, which enables communication with content stakeholders who don't have access to WebCenter
  • Notify different lists of users on different schedules for the same content
  • Create custom email templates with action-driven instructions
  • Take the “notification of expiration” feature in Oracle WebCenter Content to the next level
            Ex-- No constraints on limiting you to content expiration only, having one rule for all content, etc.
  • Trigger other events, in addition to sending an email
            Ex—updates metadata based on a query/subscription
  • Import and export subscriptions
  • Create new subscriptions by cloning existing subscriptions

Subscription Notifier has been used to:

  • Initiate workflow by creating a new revision of a document
  • Undo the check-out for content out for an extensive amount of time
  • Update an external database
  • Send a single email notification once a day for items still in workflow queues


Subscription Notifier screenshot - general settings

Subscription Notifier screenshot - email settings

Supported Platforms

  • Oracle WebCenter Content Server versions 10g, 11g
  • Operating systems: Windows and Linux
  • Database: MSSQL and Oracle


Subscription Notifier Comparisons 


Notification of Expiration

Stellent Subscriptions

Subscription Notifier

Notification of new content/ versions added to content server




Consolidated email notifications (eg. 1 email/day)




Notification of content that is ready to expire




Separate notification schedules




Notification of metadata changes




Side-effect of automatically updating metadata

















Subscription Notifier Comparisons

Subscription Notifier Web Demo

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Recorded Webinar: Accelerate Content Access and Updates with Subscription Notifier for Oracle WebCenter

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