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Subscription Notifier™ for Oracle WebCenter Content (UCM)

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Custom content email notifications based on any business rules.

  • Would you like the ability to send out and email to a list of your users based on a scheduled query when content is ready to expire, needs review, a new version has been checked in, or metadata has been updated?
  • Are you using “notification of expiration” and would like different notification schedules, or the ability to notify different users based on doc type?
  • Would you like to define subscriptions based on product fields without using an exact match metadata search?
  • Would you like the capability to go beyond standard or custom email notification and automate an action, such as updating metadata, through a subscription?   

If you answered yes to any of these, check out Subscription Notifier™, now available for 11g!


"Creatively used, Subscription Notifier will revolutionize the way we manage content in [Oracle WebCenter Content]"

- Mike Makofske, The LA Times

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Subscription Notifier Product Specifications

Subscription Notifier is the only out-of-the-box solution that allows you to:

  • Track content by any business rule – not just expiration date.
  • Easily build complex content queries – with no iDoc scripting.
  • Create granular notification schedules for user notification.
  • Automatically email users and/or aliases when content needs review, has been updated, had a new revision checked in, or is ready to expire.
  • Notify different lists of users on different schedules for the same content!
  • Create custom email templates with action-driven instructions.
  • Take the “notification of expiration” feature in Oracle WebCenter Content (UCM) to the next level
            Ex-- No constraints on limiting you to content expiration only, having one rule for all content, etc.
  • Triggers other events, in addition to sending an email. 
            Ex—updates metadata based on a query/subscription.

      The other events triggered by Subscription Notifier are extendable to meet your specific needs. A few of the ways it has been used are to:

  • Initiate workflow by creating a new revision of a document
  • Undo the check-out for content out for an extensive amount of time.
  • Update an external database
  • Send a single email notification once a day for items still in workflow queue. 

User Interface Screenshot
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Supported Platforms

  • Oracle WebCenter Content Server Versions 7.x, 7.5.x, 10gR3, 11g
  • Any Operating Systems Supported by Oracle WebCenter Content
  • MSSQL and Oracle Databases
  • Any Web Servers Supported by Oracle WebCenter Content


Subscription Notifier Comparisons


Notification of Expiration

Stellent Subscriptions

Subscription Notifier

Notification of new content/ versions added to content server




Consolidated email notifications (eg. 1 email/day)




Notification of content that is ready to expire




Separate notification schedules




Notification of metadata changes




Side-effect of automatically updating metadata
















Subscription Notifier Web Demo

Web Demo for Subscription Notifier


Recorded Webinar: Accelerate Content Access and Updates with Subscription Notifier for Oracle WebCenter

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