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Simplify and enhance Oracle WebCenter Content workflows by bringing all of your information into view. Fishbowl's Workflow Solution Set organizes workflows to show workflow history, approval comments, workflow status, and more all in one place. Workflow Solution Set is the only out-of-the-box solution that simplifies and enhances Oracle workflows while delivering a simple, easily accessible and permanent audit trail of your workflow information. It allows business users to gain an immediate view of content in workflow and its status, and delivers details such as time spent at certain steps and a detailed workflow history.

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Feature Summary

Approve with comments: Allows workflow user to enter comments on an item upon approval, not just rejection.

Custom email notification: Customizes the basic, out-of-the-box Oracle workflow email so you can give explicit instructions based on criteria such as workflow, step, reviewer, etc.

Update release date: Updates the content release date so it reflects the date content is actually approved and released from workflow instead of the original check in date.

Workflow history: With WebCenter's default settings, once content is through a workflow, the history of the workflow is no longer readily available. Workflow history delivers a detailed and permanent history of the workflows, including rejection comments which would otherwise be lost. Users may also edit the columns seen in workflow history and other reports, improving ease of use.

Workflow in queue: Delivers a detailed view and quick access to content in the workflow queue through a customizable interface

Search: Delivers insight into all content in workflow, along with number of days it has been at each step.

Timeout helper: Allows easy implementation of timeout scripts that can include weekdays and business hours.

Review pane customization: Easily customizes the workflow review panes through a graphical interface, including step-specific instructions, links, and actions that are available at each step or for an entire workflow.

Paged workflow items: Improves performance of the "Workflow Content Items" page by separating the list of documents in workflow into pages, providing a look similar to the search results page. Paged workflow items also allows for the columns displayed to be configured through a graphical interface.

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