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Oracle WebCenter Content (UCM) Mobility API for iOS and Android

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Fishbowl's iOS Mobility Suite API Brings Mobile ECM to Your Workplace

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Leverage your investment in Oracle WebCenter Content!
You already have Oracle WebCenter Content (UCM), now take the power of managed content with you on your iPhone or iPad while retaining these benefits:

  • Secure content repository
  • Workflow approval & rejection
  • Consistent access to latest versions

The mobile user experience increases the value of your content management investment because:

  • Adoption of Oracle WebCenter Content systems is increased by delivering content through convenient and familiar mobile channels
  • Workers save time approving workflow on-the-go
  • Content updates can be pushed out to devices and outdated content can be removed automatically

Benefits of the Fishbowl Mobile Experience

Convenience: Fishbowl’s iOS API connects you to your Oracle WebCenter Content via your iPhone or iPad.

Proven Success: Customer currently deployed with 4,500 iPads

Flexibility: Use Fishbowl's iOS API for Oracle WebCenter Content to connect to your content and let our expert team work with you to create a custom user experience tailored to your organization's needs

Easy Updates: Separate content from presentation to allow updates without app redeployment

Using Fishbowl's Productized API You Can:

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  • Search Oracle WebCenter Content
  • Store & Sync Local Content
  • Add Items to Favorites
  • Access Saved Searches
  • Access Your Subscriptions
  • Share & Email Content
  • View Content
  • Approve & Reject Workflow
  • Check in Images from Your Camera & Picture Library



How to buy: This API is available directly from Fishbowl Solutions. To purchase or learn more about the iOS Mobility Suite API, please contact us. Fishbowl also has solutions available for Android and mobile web.
Click Here to read about Fishbowl's custom mobility solutions and consulting.

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