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Over the weekend a colleague sent through a great example of experimenting with UI design.

Just like my earlier post in the month of reinvisioning WebCenter in a virtual world. Some one has reinvisioned the way in which we interact with and play with music. Jumping away from the standard itunes layout here artists become stars that form constellations, albums are planets orbiting those stars, and individual tracks are moons that spin around the planets.

I loved this quote from Bloom the dev team – “Planetary takes the abstract mess of your music and maps it onto an equally complex presentation the nested, overlapping, dynamic relationships of moons, planets, stars, and constellations — that somehow doesn’t feel complex. In fact, it feels the opposite of “computery”: divinely ordered yet invitingly rich, a little coherent universe of your own making, rather than a thicket of disconnected datapoints. With Planetary, you don’t just “use” your digital music library; you explore it, discover it.”

What I find great about this concept is you can use this with almost any hierarchical data type like Dropbox or your family geneology and they are even looking to take it to the next level and do exactly that!..

Currently it’s written with Cinder I hope they take it further and port it to html5 with webgl/canvas.

For more info on the project visit: