Food for thought…

With the release of ADF Mobile just around the corner for IOS and maybe Android why not just skip ADF Mobile and develop an ADF tablet based app for all tablet based operating systems?.. Windows, BlackBerry etc.

ADF Mobile sits on phonegap with some additional Oracle layers of magic 😉 handling items like its new mobile tag library.. With the release of ADF Ps5; Support is now in place for tablets to handle touch events, graphing DVT etc..

That’s great but there are still limitations with its current browser integrations and device access ie. file systems, media access, contacts list etc are not available to you.
– For example with WebCenter Content you can only browse and download content you are currently unable to upload new media from a source like your tablets camera gallery (in IOS).. These features are coming in next/future OS releases but aren’t available yet and require new attributes to be defined.. So when you need this type of access; what can you do?
Keep in mind ADF Mobile is not yet available.

Well why not develop a normal Phonegap (Cordova) application that loads in the server ADF rendered content? At the end of the day Phonegap is a glorified browser contained application.. All integration to the mobile device is handled by Javascript calls via websockets to the phonegap App.

All you need to do is include a reference to the Phonegap Javascript  library within your ADF page.
And use the phonegap mobile javascript library methods to give you access to features that aren’t currently available from the mobile browser..

This way you can have a reusable ADF web app that you can access from any web browser and if you need access to more device related features give your users the availability download and install the compiled Phonegap application which is not restricted to just IOS but available across a wider range of Operating Systems..