If you hadn’t heard Oracle are hosting a Developer Challenge for the long awaited Oracle Social Network.
This will give you first hands on experience learning the product and how to develop and integrate it with your own solutions from the cloud.
Aswell there will be a prize awarded  $500 Amazon gift card to the most innovative solution to solve a business problem.

The Challenge begins Sunday, September 30 at 7 PM and ends Wednesday, October 3 at 4 PM.
You should go register now!

The judging starts Wednesday, October 3 to 4 PM.
To be considered for the prize, you or someone attending OOW or JavaOne has to be able to talk through your solution and answer questions from the judges.

Unfortunately I won’t be attending this years event; but I’ll still be competing!
So keep your eye out for the Fishbowl Crew 😉


For more info head over to the apps lab website who are managing the event –