If you tuned into last week’s blog post talking I talked about the new release of WebCenter Capture. Well, low and behold Oracle released a new version of OFR.

If you look closely, this a step in the right direction as the verifer component is now available as a web application module. That’s right, no more client installations of verifier and access via a web browser!

At Fishbowl we see this as a huge advantage to our customers with no more client installations of verifier and only keeping a few servers busy, while verifiers access the result via a browser. This helps our customers in two ways, 1) improvement of the management of the overall system and 2) lowering their costs.

OFR is now architected in more of a distributed manner, this means a lot of the configurations will need to be centrally located on a database, instead of the file system. Configurations like documents, batches (jobs), project references, users & groups and etc are stored there. But note with the file system is no longer supported and therefore will be required to upgrade to a database for batches.

When looking at the new web verifier, I have to say I was fully expecting an ADF application because that has been the trend with most of the Fusion Middleware technologies which has adopted this framework. If you look at the screenshot below it looks very similar to the client verifier, well at least the layout is similar.

Overall, this a great next step for imaging and the solutions that we can provide to our customers. With the web verifier, the clear benefit is no longer having the need to install verifier on each verifier station.

Like I stated in my post last week about ODC, this is a very excting time for imaging. We are seeing a lot of demand for it. Companies are looking to move away from paper based business processes to help save costs and Fishbowl is willing to join you in that journey in implmenting an automated imaging solution with the new versions of these produts. If you have any questions about imaging solutions or the new version of OFR please contact us at info@fishbowlsolutions.com or 952–465–3400.

Brad Bukacek Jr is a Senior Software Consultant/Team Lead, who focuses on building Oracle imaging solutions. He also has an extensive background in architecting & developing solutions using Oracle SOA/BPM Suite. Brad is also heavily involved in the Oracle community through IOUG (Independent Oracle Users Group) and is the Middleware Track Manager for IOUGs yearly conference, Collaborate & a Senior Contributing Editior for Select Journal. Follow his tweets at @bbukacek