Software for PTC Windchill & Creo

Applications that automate, integrate, and extend PTC software capabilities.

Software for PTC Windchill

Create easier interaction between systems. Reduce bottlenecks with solutions for metadata normalization, publishing information for web and PDF consumption, bulk loading data, and benchmarking.

Software for PTC Creo

Gain improvements in efficiency and productivity. Realize a better return on investment by automating repetitive, manual tasks such as DXF flat pattern creation and inspection report production.

Mindbreeze + Windchill

Give users a unified search experience by integrating the Mindbreeze InSpire Enterprise Search Appliance with Windchill. Search for CAD documents, WTParts, Promotion Requests and Change Objects.

Value-Add Software for PTC Windchill


Available in two modes—Interactive and Trigger—LinkAccess allows companies to collaborate more effectively and efficiently by providing easy secure access to valuable product data that resides in Windchill. The various modes automate the transformation of data into desired formats such as PDF, DXF, STEP, etc. based upon actions like Windchill event triggers and workflow robots.


LinkLoader automates the bulk loading of data into Windchill. Data could include CAD files (such as Creo, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and Inventor), documents or WTParts. LinkLoader can batch load from network file folders or third-party PDM systems (such as PDMWorks, EPDM, and TeamCenter).

Data Clean Up Tools

Fishbowl has a suite of tools to address data cleansing requirements. Our tools execute mass updates to revisions, lifecycles, instance based attributes, name, numbers, etc. for WTDocuments, WTParts, and EPMDocuments within Windchill.

System Generated Drawing Automation

Dynamically create PDF specification sheets and/or stamped drawings that can include associated document content and system information such as Windchill Part Attributes and BOM information. This is a compelling solution integral to Windchill that will save engineering teams substantial time and money.


Automate Creo sessions on your network to load test and benchmark the performance of your Windchill system. LinkTuner can work independently or in conjunction with PTC System Monitor and/or PTC Windchill Configuration Assistant to measure the impact of system reconfiguration, adding more users, app/db setting adjustments or leveraging new hardware to guarantee optimal performance for engineers.

Applications for ThingWorx

Data helps drive decisions, but it needs format and context. It needs to make sense. Fishbowl is leveraging ThingWorx with applications like PTC Navigate, so you can make better sense of your data to make decisions that drive business forward.

Value-Add Software for PTC Creo

Inspection Report Automation

Automatically creates inspection report spreadsheets, including all dimensions, tolerances, and notes, based on your Creo drawings. You will be able to automate a manual and error-prone process with simple point and click events that work with created and shown dimensions and inspection dimensions.  Export geometric tolerances, drawing notes, including drawing sheet and zone information.

DXF Flat Pattern Automation

Are you spending a lot of time creating DXF flat pattern files for downstream sheet metal manufacturing processes? This tool helps CAD users create a 1:1 DXF flat pattern from every sheet metal part in an assembly quickly. This tool drastically reduces errors caused by manual work. Save time and remove the burden of flat pattern creation from CAD users.

Mindbreeze InSpire Connector for PTC Windchill

Complete indexing for PTC Windchill.

Index Windchill content and metadata, including documents, CAD files, WTParts, promotion requests, and change objects from ProjectLink and PartsLink.

Windchill security. We've got you covered.

The connector supports multiple security configurations including user and group-level authorization for documents, projects, and libraries.

Intelligent content feeding. Intuitive content finding.

PDF viewable. Native content. Dynamic HTML. The connector always feeds the most relevant information to Mindbreeze so you can easily find content when you need it.

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